Taraxacum Officinale

While these flowers can be seen blooming at any time of the year that the conditions are right, they are most abundant in May and June.

Dandelions are not native to the United States, however they are naturalized, meaning they work with the local ecosystems rather than dominate them.

The leaves, flowers, and roots are all consumable.


      They are rich in vitamin A, K, C,

        calcium, and potassium

Dandelions are also known to be anti-inflamitory

Properly harvested and washed dandelion greens and flowers are great additions to salads raw, and deep fried for a tasty treat.


Cooked, the greens make a great spinach-like side!


Dandelion roots can be roasted for delicious teas, and the electrolytes could give you a nice boost of energy!

They are the some of the first pollinators in Spring for bees to enjoy.

dandelion ff.png