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2017 Adventures

-For the Love of Water Tour with One Tribe Movement and Starbaby

Apr 13 - Rhythm Sanctuary, Wheat Ridge, CO

Apr 16-17 - Jackson Well Springs, Ashland, OR

Apr 18-19 - Eugene, OR

Apr 20 - Portland, OR

Apr 21 - The Big Dipper, Spokane, WA

Apr23 - Real Art Tacoma, Tacoma, WA

-Mountain Music Festival 6/1-3

-Fahrenheit 6/8-11

-Mad Tea Party 6/15-18

----JULY: Vienna Academy for Visionary Arts Summer Seminar----

-Big What? 8/17-19

-Shangri-La 9/7-9

-Pink Moon 9/14-18

-Resonance 9/21-24

-Sleepy Creek Harfest 10/6-8

-3 Days of Light 10/13-15

Subject to add more.

Infinite love,

--Silver Arrow

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