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These past few months have been some of the hardest yet most rewarding. I have hit some of the worst financial trouble I've ever had, and my car is broken with no way to fix it. My art is scattered in four locations across Virginia and West Virginia, I have my last festival for the season coming up in a month, and my Dad went back to New Hampshire for a while. With these problems and a few others that don't need mentioning, I felt like I was in a pretty rough spot; I didn't know if I would have the money for rent or food or really anything.

Through the infinite power and love of my friends I have been fortunate enough to have just enough to make it to the next spot. Although my car is still broken, a friend has been generous enough to let me borrow theirs, and my car, it seems, is going to be fixed by next week. Even though someone backed out of buying a painting, I got a commission and a couple new Patrons, and a friend bought one of my less expensive paintings. I've been more inspired than ever working on my coloring book, knowing how important it is to get it done, and I have been working on my most recent piece (pictured

). I'm starting to work with someone on making pin designs (be on the lookout for those!!), and I just got a dream job of being a curator at a fine arts gallery. The pay for it isn't glamorous, but for curating one of the most beautiful, eclectic galleries I've ever walked in (it's the Aritsan's Loft in Staunton, VA), I couldn't be more excited.

I am incredibly grateful for the things happening in my life. Recently I learned a lot about myself, some things that I like, and some things that I need to work on. I feel like I'm growing a lot recently and I'm incredibly thankful. I have direction to the next step and all I have to do is keep walking.

I'm very excited about my Patreon right now, I've reworked it so that I can realistically keep up with the rewards. For $1 you get 50% off my prints on Etsy (if you use the coupon code), for $3 you get downloadable coloring pages, $5 is stickers and trading cards etc. Also there's a special reward for people who get their friends to contribute, as well.

Anyways, my last festival this year is going to be the 11.11 Gathering in South Carolina. It's run by the 3 Days of Light people, and they're all my family. I'm directing the art gallery there and I'm ecstatic about it. I still have to figure out how to get to Pipestem WV to get my art and gallery setup supplies, but it'll happen. I know it will. The music lineup is fantastic, and I'm excited for the workshops, as well.

I'm incredibly excited for this new chapter of challenges but hopefully prosperity as well. Things are looking up, and hopefully they'll be looking up to some sort of stability so I can focus on the art that I love so much. :)

Much love,

Silver Arrow

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