It's the most wonderful time of the year

Autumn has a special energy around it for me. Not only is it the season of my birth, but waking up in the morning to crisp air and the gorgeous changing colors of the leaves has a freshness about it. It's the time to celebrate the harvest and say our goodbyes to the heat of summer. Now is my favorite time to go hiking and camping. Making s'mores nestled in the forest with cold air and Orion back in view.

As winter draws nearer festivals come to a halt and I have more time to spend on paintings I started over the season. There are many paintings that I will continue to work on as I truly begin to explore the depths of my imagination.

A time of introspection, and also a time of get-togethers and celebrations. A time of rejuvenation and letting go of what does not serve us.

Much love,

Silver Arrow

P.S. Now taking holiday commissions.

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