Patreon Launch Friday!

Want to know a way to support artists and help them keep creating the things you love? With Patreon you can give a monthly contribution to your favorite artists and get rewards in return! I'm launching mine this Friday and there are several different tiers that you can choose for contribution!

-The first one is $1 per month and you will get an 11"x17" print in return

-The second tier is $5 per month and you get 3 11"x17" prints every year!

-The third is $10 per month and you get 3 11"x17" prints per year AND an original painted rock.

-The Fourth is $15 per month. This one includes the 3 prints per year plus an original 8"x10" painting.

-The Fifth is $30 per month and you get 3 prints per year, an 8"x10" painting per year, and exclusive access to painting and drawing lessons which I will upload on a bimonthly basis. LIMITED TO 25 PEOPLE

-The sixth is $50 per month and you will receive 3 prints per month, access to the painting and drawing lessons, AND a commissioned 18"x24" painting. After 6 months you will start receiving one 8"x10" painting every 2 months. LIMITED TO 10 PEOPLE

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