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Ramblings on the Coloring Book

I am over halfway finished with the coloring book I am creating. Over the course of the book I am thinking about the string that connects everything together. It concerns connection and the flowing nature of reality. It features designs that fade the human and animal forms into plant-like abstraction, but holds some elemental affinities. It's some kind of string of universal unity. It features visions of mine, sacred geometry and jewels, while also featuring well thought-out drawings.

I know that the pages are going to be single-sided so they can be torn out and hung

I know that I want the pages to be on heavy weight paper so that people with watercolor and alcohol-based markers can enjoy it.

And I know that I'm starting a kickstarter for it in early February.

Be prepared.



#coloring #book #adult #psychedelic #mandala #baroque

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