The rest of the season!

Although it may seem like festival season is winding down, I have a very full schedule ahead of me! Here's where to catch me in the coming month and a half!

Laurel Groove Aug 26

Jam Fish Sept 1-2

Shangri-La Sept 7-9

Pink Moon Sept 14-18

*Resonance Sept 21-24

-Spaghettifest Sept 22-24

3 Days of Light Oct 13-15

Crystal Chalice Awards Oct 21

My schedule is subject to change and possibly more events added. Also it should be noted that during OCTOBER 2017 I will be showing my art at RUBY'S in Harrisonburg Virginia!! All of the art I will feature will be pieces that I have worked on at Ruby's or Clementines! Exciting times ahead!!

With love,

Silver Arrow

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