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Water Protector, Forest Protector

Ever since I was a child, I was committed to protecting my forests, and the creatures who lacked the human voice. While my childhood dreams of being an artist are coming true, the nightmares of the trees disappearing are, as well. Now my energy focuses on ways I can help stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a 42 inch natural gas pipeline that is going to run from West Virginia to North Carolina, cutting the George Washington National Forest in half and slicing through the Appalachian Trail. It is the pipeline of Dominion Energy. They have to cut down a 40-yard-wide path for this pipeline, and steal the property of hundreds of people. I use the word steal because the gas going through that pipeline is going to be shipped overseas, yet Dominion is claiming eminent domain over the land so they can take what they want. There are pipelines already in the ground that get to the same places, and is suspected to cost Virginians, alone, around $3 billion. They were supposed to stay at least 50 ft away from waterways, yet as you can see in the picture below, they paid no mind to that. Virginia is known for its caverns and sinkholes, and there's no reasonable way to determine where they are, creating a serious hazard wherever this pipeline goes. Dominion already has 15 (and maybe more now) environmental infractions, incurring fines of $32,000 per infraction per day. The environment means nothing to them. The people mean nothing to them. All they see

is a dollar sign, and that is what I fight, and will continue to until I depart this life.

Below is a photo I took in Nelson, looking up towards Wintergreen. It was following a memorial service for the trees that were massacred at the hands of Dominion Energy.

Much love,

Silver Arrow

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