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Life Milestones

1994: I was born

1998: I started drawing  Winnie the Pooh.

2000: My first failed attempt at perspective.

2003: My Mother gave me my first sketch book

2006: My first mildly successful art business...                                            ...before I was

2010: I decided to be an artist.

2014: My first time using acrylic paint

            My first live painting gig

2017: Named Artist of the Year by the

                  Crystal Chalice Awards.

2019: My first exhibited piece in                                                             the  Pacha MOMA.

        shut down

by the man.


         Inner Divinity

is a communion with

and a

          of the


         of the Universe.


Experience and Notable Shows


2016:              from James Madison University

2017: Summer Seminar with the Vienna                             Academy of Visionary Art.                                  Studied under 


                         Autumn Skye Morrison, Laurence Caruana, And Kevin Campeau

2018: Vienna Academy of Visionary Art                           Summer Seminar. Studied under

Amanda Sage, Vera Atlantia, and Kuba Ambrose

2014: My first art show at the               ,                                   Richmond VA

2015: Live painted at 14 festivals and over 30                             concerts.

2016: Exhibited work in the Undergraduate                               Juried Show at ArtWorks Gallery,                             Harrisonburg, VA

2017: Artist Residency at the

           Gave an Artist Talk at James Madison                               University.

           Named Artist of the Year by the

2018: Show at the Little Gallery Underground at

                    James Madison University

              Spent a week in the 

                      to create plein air landscapes.

            Painted Restless Moons Brewing in           

                     Harrisonburg, VA

            Showed work with the Artisan's Loft,                                 Staunton, VA

2019: Joined the collection of art exhibited at the 


            Travelled the United States for the

           documentary series on Amazon:

           Wandering Down the Road

2020: March featured artist at the RiffRaff Arts


            Taught 2 plein air painting classes for

                   online festivals

            November art show in Richmond, Virginia

2021:  June Solo show at Gary Bowling's House of Art

                in Bluefield, West Virginia

             August: Taught Plein Air Painting for                            Peak of the Bloom Festival

             September: Co-founded The Pigment

                                       Sanctuary LLC


Modular Project Space

Crystal Chalice Awards

            Rocky Mountain

National Forest

Pacha MOMA

Notable Festival Experiences

2015-2019: Mountain Music Festival

2015: Luna Light Festival

2016: Rootwire Transformational Festival

2017: Resonance Music and Arts Festival

2018: Shangri-La Festival

                Painted on Stage with StarBaby and the                  Rolling Oms

Live Painting

Gallery Direction

2016: Techne Arts Fest

            Pink Moon Music Festival

2018: Culture Fest

            11:11 Gathering

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