Wandering Down the Road

What a beautiful thing it is to look back through our lives and see all the paths we have traveled, bringing us all to where we are now. As we go along our journey we reminisce about the connections we have cultivated and the dominos that have so perfectly fallen to create the colorful pictures of our existence. No amount of thinking we do can clearly paint the scenery of tomorrow, who we will meet, or the events that unfold with each breath. Wandering Down the Road came together through various inter-weaving paths that eventually braided themselves into one, creating a collaboration of four artists setting off for a 3 month long expedition across the United States.

Wandering Down the Road is a collaborative crew of creators with a documentary series airing on Amazon Prime. The show documents their triumphs and struggles as they show what life on the road is like. The crew consists of Billy: the director/videographer, Lacey the painter/graphic designer, August the photographer/associate producer, and Byron the craftsman/mechanic. They aim to inspire others to travel and to show the beauty that still remains in this country.